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Devils Lake North Dakota

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Beautiful Devils Lake boasts trophy walleye,  jumbo perch, northern pike, and white bass.  If your lucky, you may stumble upon a crappie or two.  Devils Lake has always been an ever changing body of water.  In 1993 the lake elevation was 1422.62 feet, cresting to a record elevation in 2011 at 1454.3 feet. Because of this drastic change in lake elevation, the structure of the lake is constantly changing.  Roads surrounding the lake have had to be raised multiple times over the years, with many roads being abandoned and closing after being swallowed by the massive lake.   Along with this, hundreds of square miles of farmland have succumbed to the water.  Many residents and housed have been displaced due to rising water.  Abandoned farmsteads, house foundations, sunken trees and roads have created a challenging yet exciting boating experience for visitors of the lake region.  The large expanse of Devils Lake, Stump Lake, Pelican, and multiple bays provide ample amounts of fishing opportunities for fisherman across the globe!